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Emily Danger is an opera singer turned beat maker in New York.

She plays keys, guitar, and machines and is influenced by the likes of Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and Cole Porter.

She wrote, composed, and co-produced her most recent album, “Less Blue”, available now through all online mediums.

She has played SXSW, CMJ, and toured throughout the US and Canada.



Likes:  dogs, red wine, yacht rock, National Parks, bodysuits, Idris Elba, books, scary movies, tiny ponies.


Dislikes:  ruined vibes, naysayers, wind, sinkholes, and Paul Ryan.

Bitch Media”: “War Torn” single premiere

“…it reverberates in, and deep – more radiation through bone than sound waves through air.”
“…a dark, compelling look at an artist separating herself from a couple of well-defined institutions and entering an inchoate, unknown territory of her own design.”
— https://www.bitchmedia.org/article/new-music-monday-emily-danger
V Magazine”: The Rebel Issue

“This is no cautionary tale. And Emily Danger is no diva. But be forewarned, the opera trained indie musician’s honed howl is going to blow your mind.”

“With her native ability and her wholehearted 360 approach, Danger is in no risk of fading from the spotlight anytime soon.”
— https://www.amazon.com/Magazine-Fall-Miley-Cyrus-Cover/dp/B00NEU17CI
Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls”: Emily Danger Smartist Feature

“Her name may be Emily Danger and she may be a queen in the world of dark cabaret rock, but she wants you to feel safe inside her music-vulnerable enough to be yourself.”

“For the heart, soul, and tenacity with which she perseveres in music and life, Emily Danger is our next Smartist.”
— https://amysmartgirls.com/smartists-emily-danger-1af51f737200

Photo by: Walls Trimble