V Magazine, "The Rebel Issue", Emily Danger feature

"This is no cautionary tale.  And Emily Danger is no diva.  But be forewarned, the opera trained indie musician's honed howl is going to blow your mind."

"With her native ability and wholehearted 360 approach, Danger is in no risk of fading from the spotlight anytime soon." (Sarah Cristobal, "V Magazine").

Article:  http://www.vmagazine.com/site/content/2931/rebels-emily-danger---nominated-by-inez--vinoodh

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"Amy Poehler's Smart Girls": Emily Danger Smartist Feature

"Her name may be Emily Danger and she may be a queen in the world of dark cabaret rock, but she wants you feel safe inside her music—vulnerable enough to be yourself."

"For the heart, soul, and tenacity with which she perseveres in music and life, Emily Danger is the next Smartist."

Article by: Alexa Peters


"Pancakes and Whiskey" Live Show Review

"It’s time to add another name to the list of influential women in music: Emily Danger."

"The crowd dancing in a trancing circle was held in the palm of her hand as the group pushed their audience to the listening limit. That’s what this band is all about: they are real musicians, real artists and they are really good."

"Emily Danger is a total mind & body experience: from the beautifully projected art behind them to the cleverly intricate songs that are saying something important, something true, to the genuine quality of everyone in the group."

Article by: Hannah Soule


"Pancakes and Whiskey" Emily Danger Feature

"Despite the cautionary name, Emily Danger should be seen as a gift from the musical gods."

"Emily’s lead vocals have a soul-wrenching cry in them echoing the prowess of the late Jeff Buckley and the melodic storytelling of Dolly Parton.  As a front-woman, she is a unique voice in our musical landscape and the band’s songs carry a message that is both thought-provoking and filled with realism."


Article by: Hannah Soule